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Creative Labs Media Release on Recent DOOM³ Patch v1.3 - EAX/HD Support

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Creative Labs sends out a friendly reminder to those with Sound Blaster Audigy series sound cards, that you'll need the latest drivers for your sound card along with the DOOM³ v1.3 Patch in order to use the EAX and Advanced HD features that are now supported. The article also provides insight on how the new audio features are used, as well as some mentions behind the technology. Here's some of the details of this release:

"Gamers playing DooM³ or DooM³: Resurrection of Evil with patch 1.3 on a Sound Blaster Audigy-based PCI sound card with the new drivers will benefit from: ·

EAX ADVANCED HD Support – EAX delivers to the DooM³ games a host of considerable audio enhancements including in-game 3D positional audio; multiple, simultaneous audio environments; seamless transitions between audio environments; and environmental reverbs, all without impacting the PC’s CPU.

3D Audio – The hardware-based implementation of the Sound Blaster Audigy family of sound cards allows for an audibly better sound experience with no hit to the CPU. This hardware delivers a higher quality of audio that is substantially better than the software-based version, along with a compelling 3D audio experience in all speaker configurations, including 5.1 and 7.1. In addition, gamers using headphones will benefit from patented Creative Multi-Speaker Surround™ 3D support, which provides virtual surround sound over any standard stereo headphones.

Read more about all details, here:

Enjoy this Enhancement of Evolution, in your Sound for DooM³ !!