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DooM³ - Mini-Mod - 'Relief Mapping' Shots & Videos ( See the Difference on the Relief of the Bump-Mapping in Use )

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DooM³ - Mini-Mod - 'Relief Mapping' from "fpo" on OpenGL Forums said this:


"Just modified DooM³ shader (interaction.vfp file) to use Relief Mapping. You can check out the results in the following video:

Doom3 with Relief Mapping Videos

As the game does not include depth maps I also created a tool to process all game normal maps and generate the apropriate depth maps. I store the depth maps in specular map alpha channel (as normal map blue and alpha channels are useless with the DXT5 compression where X and W components are wapped and Z recalculated).

It works great at many places but will break at some gemetry where the polygon edges do not have depth zero. If depth maps wore manualy created this could be fixed but my tool is automatic and game normal maps wore not created for this type effect. Anyway it is a nice mod and intresting art to test my Relief Mapping shader idea.

And yes it does run real-time and you can play the game with all geometry using Relief Mapping. Get around 50 fps here in my P4 HT 2.5 with AGP 4X and geForce6800GT.

It could be more optimized as relief mapping changes only per view. For now it is calculated for every light (relief is recalculated many times per view, once per light). Could be done once per frame and have all lights share the same relief calculations stored in a texture for example (deffered shading). But this is not possible with current DooM³ render pipeline.



You can grab a features video for the mod right here, or just get straight to the point by downloading the mod along with several screenshots here. Be sure to check out the readme file included for instructions, and due note you'll need to run DOOM³ in Ultra Quality in order for this mod to shine.