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DooM³ - 'ONCE UPON A TIME' - Mod/Map - One of the Best Mod/Map Ever with 99% Review Score by 3dgamersedge - Creator: T. CREUTZENBERG of Splash Damage

Posted by Hello Awesome/Spectacular Map Design

Tron, of 3dgamersedge dropped a note that he has reviewed the recently released mod, ONCE UPON A TIME. Now, since the author of this mod, Thomas Creutzenberg - former map designer for SplashDamage [responsible for many RTCW and the DOOM³ MP maps], has decided to spoil us with such an amazing singleplayer and multiplayer experience, it's no wonder that it deserved the 99% Score it now holds. Receiving the "3dgamersedge Gold Medal Award", here's a bit of what the review has to say:


" this now. this is by far the best single player add-on for DooM³ to emerge from the scene to date. from the uniquely crafted opening load screen to the closing text at the end, every last detail of this map oozes with professionalism. the story is simple enough: your vehicle has broken down, and you need to acquire another, which lies at the other side of the complex. what happens between these two events is some of the best gameplay you could ask for set in an amazingly well crafted level. the action is the highlight of the gameplay - and it is challenging, fun, and relentless. as in samuel villareal's map: the refueling station, the concept of luring the player into a false sense of security before throwing a surprise attack at them is thrown out the window in favor of a near non-stop onslaught of demonic forces. there is no time to relax and enjoy your surroundings as you journey onward, you will be under heavy fire at all times. developing this style of gameplay requires a high level of skill in terms of providing the player with appropriate items such as health, ammo, and weaponry. not enough, and the player is frustrated. too much and it becomes boring, thoughtless attack. the distribution of items in this level is near perfect. health packs are scarce enough to make sure you pay attention to your health score, but not so scarce that you need to keep reloading. weapons and ammo are provided with enough thought to keep you well-armed, while not overloading you with tons of high-powered artillery. what this creates is perhaps the most enjoyable pacing i have experienced in a DooM³ level outside of the expansion pack."


Read the Full Review here & Download the Map in these URL's:

'ONCE UPON A TIME' Review Mod/Map by 3dgamersedge & Shots:

Download of the Mod/Map here & Shots:;41972#Download

Enjoy this Excelent Mod/Map, you'll not be disappointed !!