sexta-feira, maio 20, 2005

Half-Life² - Panoramic 3D Shots & IGN Lost Coast Preview

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"Generally, before releasing games, publishers and developers give game portals some screenshots where you can see the graphic features of the in-development game, and perhaps some game action. I wanted to go further and highlight the architectural and photographic aspects of the game, which I’ll demonstrate with QTVR images shot during game play, the first time (that I’m aware of) that this has been done."


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Half-Life² - Panoramic 3D Shots:

IGN Lost Coast Preview:


"A lot of us have been following the Lost Coast deal, and we've seen the trailer, but it's still pretty amazing to see it in person. Although it was a rolling demo and not something the presenter was interacting with (let alone one of us schleps on the show floor), it was easy to see what HDR does for the Half Life 2 engine. Not only does high-dynamic range really seem to complete the visual bouquet, but they've also increased facial complexity to make people look even more realistic than before.


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