domingo, maio 29, 2005

'Prey' ( D3 Engine Based Game ) - New Interviews & E3/05 Video

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'Prey' Interview by IGN:


IGN: The PC and Xbox have seen a lot of first-person shooters. What will make this one stand out? And why? What unique hooks are you conjuring up?

Chris: Prey will stand out because it's not just another FPS. We've spent a considerable amount of time coming up with new gameplay to enhance the experience. It isn't just a run-and-gun game. There are lots of great puzzles and challenges to overcome.


'Prey' - E3/05 : 10 Minutes Video:

"While at E3, we had the chance to see the exhilarating 10-minute, behind-closed-doors demonstration, and just about everything in it wowed us -- the graphics, sound, gameplay, presentation, you name it. Prey takes the DOOM³ Engine and fills it with a wild color palette. It delivers gorgeous natural lighting. And it offers up intriguing and compelling level design. Oh, and there are those kick-ass monsters, brilliant gun fights, and super creepy moments of alien invasion, too. But who cares about that stuff, right? This is the new generation, the "Hollywood Generation." It's all about marketing and perception, baby.…

What am I saying….? Damn you, E3 !


Enjoy the E3/05 'Prey' Gameplay Video & Stay in Touch for more 'Prey' Interviews, in this same Thread...This Game looks Original, Very Good..., D3 Engine all the Way, oh Yeah !