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Unreal Engine 3 - Preview by Telefragged // Tim Sweeney Interview & Video

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'Unreal Engine 3' - Preview by Telefragged:

Little Quote:

"Physics is starting to become a must-have in action games, especially first person shooters. So far, most companies have licensed the Karma or Havok physics systems to put in their games, but it seems to be time for something even better. UE3 uses a new physics system called Novadex which allows objects to break, slide, spin, and affect each other in ways that so far have had to be very heavily scripted line by line in previous games, even ones that had physics systems. The demonstrations of this system were very nice, with stuff like sets of cables hanging from the ceiling that could be broken off at certain points, stacked up on the floor (without constantly flopping around like I've seen some objects do in past games), and even set on fire while hanging and moving around."


Tim Sweeney ( Epic ( UE3 ) Staff Member ) Interview:

Little Quote about this Interview

Freeman: Okay! How will that affect the performance of Unreal Engine 3 running on a hardware physics engine as opposed to a software physics engine?

Sweeney: Well, the big thing there is how we'll be able to put far, far more physical effects, with things like particle systems, and fluid effects, where without the Ageia system, we'll have a particle system with only a few hundred particles, and with the system, we could have tens of thousands of particles there. And it's really nice, because it mirrors the kind of non-traditional processing power that's available on the Playstation 3 with the Cell architecture, so it's a factor of ten times more computing power, but it's very special-purpose.

Tim Sweeney's Video Interview:
Note: Is easier to understand with headphones.