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'DooM' : The Movie - Set Visit Preview / Release Date

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Based loosely on the adventures of John Grimm in the current best-selling "DooM³" the film is aiming to replicate the feel of the game as closely as possible, to be the most faithful video game adaptation ever. The stages of Barrandov Studios in Prague are filled with what feels like mile after mile of corridors of all different shapes and sizes, and the hallways are littered with dead and maimed mannequins of different types who will be joined by made up extras at different points. The watchword for DooM has been horror, with copious amounts of gore and violence on the side.

While Bartkowiak has helmed several successful but relatively small action films, this is by far the largest and most complex project he has ever taken on. But with almost no sense of the pressure he's under, he has methodically gone about putting together what many involved have called the best action-horror film since Aliens. That seems to be the goal, and if he gets half of what he's looking for, he should more than please fans of the game and action films alike.


'DooM' : The Movie - Release Date
In Theaters on October 21st

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