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Official 'SAW 2' Website - Now Live

Official 'Saw 2' Movie - Now Opened for the Public

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Well things are looking good for Lions Gate Films 'Saw 2', which is slated for a close October 28th, 2005 release. The tentative announced Director (not official yet) is Darren Bousman and pre-production for the film is underway next week, which is being overseen by James Wan and Leigh Whannell of the original Saw.

'SAW 2' Official Website Live, here:

'SAW 2' Release Date:
28th, October 2005

Check it, for Future News about this Awesome Psychological Horror Movie !!


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Well I've to say that was a good Oscar Academy Awards, all the Winners deserved to win what they won, is what I've to say...I want to wish to all the winners the best luck for their future...

See you next time, later in the next year, for more Oscars to come...behave Cinema Fanatics ;}

DOOM³ - Resurrection of Evil - Matt Hooper Talks at GameZone / Tim Willits/Todd Hollenshead/Matt Hooper tiny Interview Video about D3ROE

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Matt Hooper Talks in GameZone about D3 - Resurrection of Evil Exp. Pack:

Matt Hooper/Tim Willits/Todd Hollenshead tiny Interview Video about D3ROE:

Enjoy this New Details by Matt Hooper about what happened to him behind D3ROE Development & the cool tiny vid about D3ROE.
Prepare for the Final 4 Weeks till the Big Release...

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Petition for DooM³ McFarlane Action Figures

The hope of this Petition is that this petition receives enough Signatures, that ID Software and Mcfarlane Toys would take it seriously; and, to make a deal, to create DOOM³ Collector's Action Figures.

I'm sure that many are waiting to buy them, the second they are released.

Now, don't wait more & sign that petition & choose by yourself which Action Figures you want to see in the future being make of the greatest DooM³ Game.
The most popular Action Figures, out of the whole Game, would be DOOM GUY and/or the New HELLKNIGHT., but you can choose others, it's your choice to choose...

Sign the Petition for DooM³ McFarlane Action Figures, right here:

Thks for the Attention !!

DooM³ - GW_DM1_Beta - MP Beta Map Released - A Good Demonstration of DooM³ Capabilities of Rendering Outdoor Areas/Maps with Excelent Quality

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Download this Very Good Outdoor DooM³ Map in Beta Version, here:

Author of this Map is called: GW & is a member of:

You have here, the Original Thread of him noticing the 1st Map Developed by Him:

The Full/Finished Map was Released, Grab that here:

Enjoy this Great Indoor/Outdoor MP Map !!

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DooM³ - Resurrection of Evil - New Trailer Previews / New Info Details / 5 New Shots

Todd Hollenshead - Another Interview

Todd Hollenshead - Another Interview about D3:ROE Exp. Pack / DooM Movie / Future of DooM Franchise

Little Bonus for DooM Fans from the Last Quote of the Interview:
"There will be more games in the DOOM universe"

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Check the Latest Interview by the Great Todd Hollenshead right here:

If you don't have the rights to download the video, use "Stream for Free" & See it for your Pleasure ( not to big )

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Half-Life² - HDR Bloom Effects 'Mini-Mod' Released

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Studio Radi-8, the team behind the Neotokyo Mod, have released a "mini-mod" which lets you play through Half-Life² singleplayer with a High-Definition Lighting (HDR) effect added. HDR Lighting is a way of rendering levels of brightness far higher than usual, so it generates an effect similar to staring at a very bright light in a dark room. Put simply, it makes the lighting look better and more realistic.The effect is rather subtle, but it becomes more obvious when in motion.

To download the mod, visit the mod's official website:
or go here:;38224

Visit this thread for more screenshots:

"How do I Install It ?!"
After you've unzipped and read this readme, simply run the installer. It should choose your Steam SourceMods directory as the default installation directory. That is exactly where it should be installed. After installation is completed, restart Steam and it should be listed in the 3rd Party games section.

In order to play this mod, your video card must be able to support Pixel/Vertex Shaders 2.0.

DooM³ MAC - Goes Gold / In Stores on March 14th

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DooM³ MAC - Goes Gold - Information:

Aspyr Media announced today that the Macintosh conversion of id Software's hit has gone gold master, that is, it is finished and ready to go to production. It is expected to begin shipping on March 14, 2005.

DooM³ MAC - In Stores at March 14th:

Good News for Mac Users !!
( **cough** - I know you're watching... )


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Fileplanet has gotten their hands on a new video previewing DooM³: RoE. The video highlights some of the new features such as: Double barrel shotgun, a few new monsters, and the character that you play. If you're looking forward to DooM³: RoE, or if you just love watching marines shoot the stuffing out of demons, head on over to Fileplanet and check this video out. You won't be disappointed.


This is the trailer for DOOM³: Resurrection of Evil, an expansion edition of the graphically immersive horror-shooter series. DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil continues the frightening and gripping single player experience of the blockbuster original. The title also features even more multiplayer action with support for up to eight players in all new maps.

DooM³ - Resurrection of Evil - Expansion Pack - TRAILER RELEASED:

Os High-Quality Videos variam dos 113 MB's aos 121 MB's, a diferença é pouca e a Qualidade nao sofre grande diferença, nao é notorio...Acerca dos Medium-Quality Videos variam dos 32 aos 36 ou 40 MB's, tal como no outro caso, a diferença de qualidade nao é notoria.

(Fileplanet High-Quality Video - 121 MB's)[High-Quality]

(Fileplanet Medium-Quality Video - 40 MB's)[Medium-Quality]

(DooM³Maps Medium-Quality Video - 40 MB's)

(3D Gamers High-Quality / Medium-Quality Videos - 40 MB's - 121 MB's)

(Fileshack High-Quality Video - 121 MB's)

(FileFront High-Quality Video - 121 MB's);3816654;;/fileinfo.html

(Filerush High-Quality Video - 121 MB's)

(Gamershell High-Quality Video - 113 MB's)

(WorthPlaying Medium-Quality Video - 36 MB's)



DooM³ "Can do it Too" Project - Test-Build 4 Video Demo / Test-Build 4 Map

DooM³ "Can do it Too" Project - Test-Build 4 Video Demo
( Outdoor/Indoor Map Test-Build Demo )

& Test-Build 4 Map to you to Test

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Note that this is a TEST BUILD and therefore contains work that is far from complete and/or optimised.

Featured Content


- Block 2 by Gazado with interior Disco *UPDATED*
- Block 3 by Dante_uk *UPDATED*
- Block 5 by blushing_bride
- Block 6 by SeveredX *NEW*
- Block 7 by Mordenkainen with Underground Station *UPDATED*
- Block 8 by Bauul
- Block 9 by GuyBrave *NEW*
- Retro Arcade Machine by GuyBrave *NEW*
- Road mapping/texturing and weathering by GoliathVT *NEW*

- Square/Column Statue by merlin317 *NEW*
- Trash Can by dfloss *NEW*
- Tree by insectattack *NEW*
- Fountain particles by dante_uk *NEW*
- Fountain by rich_is_bored

- Gravity Gun by BloodRayne *NEW*

- WinAmp Control in Doom 3 by Dante_uk *NEW*
- Dancing Disco Lights by Gazado *NEW*
- Missle Command GUI by BEERman *NEW*
- Main Menu Credits GUI by GoliathVT *NEW*
- Door interactions and other scripting by GoliathVT

- bb_matt, blushing_bride, Dante_uk, Elg, GoliathVT, GuyBrave, idiom, Mordenkainen, rich_is_bored, SeveredX, spanner, and others.

- Doom3World Logo by BNA!

- Player and moveable surface sounds by GoliathVT


DooM³ "Can do it Too" Project - Test-Build 4 Video Demo here:

DooM³ "Can do it Too" Project - Test-Build 4 Map ( Test it ) , Download it here:

Note that this is a TEST BUILD and therefore contains work that is far from complete and/or optimised.

To run the test-build:
1. Create a directory called "eurobuild4" in your DooM³ directory (NOT your base directory).
2. Place the eurobuild4.pk4, game00.pk4 and gravmod_euro.pk4 files into the eurobuild4 directory.
3. Run DooM³.
4. Select "Load Mod"
5. Choose "eurobuild4" from the list.
6. After DooM³ reloads with the mod active, use the main menu GUI to launch the map or bring down the console and type: "map" and press enter.


Alternate installation:
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
2. Create a shortcut to DooM³ with the following options: "Doom3.exe +seta com_allowConsole 1 +set fs_game eurobuild4"
3. Run the shortcut.
4. Use the main menu GUI or bring down the console and type: "map" to launch the map.

Filesize of the Map: 136.38 MB

Enjoy !!
More News on Next Releases, Later...

'The Amityville Horror' Movie - New Trailer Released

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Watch the trailer premiere for the remake of the horror classic, 'The Amityville Horror,' starring Ryan Reynolds ('Blade: Trinity') and Melissa George ('Sugar and Spice').

April 15th, 2005

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Rachel Nichols, Philip Baker-Hall, Jesse James...

Directed By: Andrew Douglas

"What happened over the next 28 Days, has never been explained"

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DooM³ - DooM Chronicles Mod - Beta Demo Released

DooM³ - DooM Chronicles Mod - Beta Demo Released for the Public

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DooM³ - DooM Chronicles Mod - Beta Demo Release Information:

The demo includes one level from SP campaign, one super cool test level, and loads of new features ! Though it is all still early beta, you'll be able to get a good look at new gameplay, and features. One of the new features to note is the new Impact Particle system ! Though the particle effects are still being tweaked and improved, this feature adds tonnes of depth to DooM³. Metal sparks when shot, dirt shoots off clouds of dust, etc. Also (as mentioned above) they ( team working on this ) have a new gravity gun model ! Unfortunately, the skin they released it with in the demo is VERY beta, so you do not get to see this trully amazing model in all its glory.... But don't worry, they'll get it reskinned by their next release !

Now enough Talk Already, Download the Demo Now:

Enjoy !!

Exorcist - The Beginning - Trailer for Paul Schrader's Version of the Movie

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Exorcist - The Beginning - Official Website/Trailer/Photos:

Exorcist - The Beginning - Trailer for Paul Schrader's Version of the Movie:

Go Back, Before the Beginning,
To the Place, where Evil was Born...

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'Cursed' Movie - Video Clips to Sway You

terça-feira, fevereiro 22, 2005

Alone in the Dark - Movie Trailer ( 2005 ) - Know One of the Worst "Horror" Movies Ever Made

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The Story:
Edward Carnby, detective of the paranormal, unexplained and supernatural, investigates a mystery that brings him face to face with bizarre horrors that prove both psychologically disturbing and lethal, as he discovers that evil demons worshiped by an ancient culture called the Abskani are planning on coming back to life in the 21st century to once again take over the world... and only he and a young genius with an incredible memory (and his ex-girlfriend), Aline Cedrac, stand in their way. Standing in Carnby's way, however, is the impact that a brief encounter with an evil spirit called the Queen had upon his mind, as he slowly finds himself overpowered by the forces of darkness as they eat away at his very sanity...

Director: Uwe Boll
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Rating: R (for violence and language)

Alone in the Dark - Production Notes PDF:

Alone in the Dark - Official Website:

Alone in the Dark - Movie Trailer:

Alone in the Dark - Release Date:
Released at 28th, January 2005

Now u Know which Horror Movie is One of the Worst Ever !! Take Care & Die ( In the Negative Meaning of the Word ) when u Watch this Movie !!

'SILENT HILL' MOVIE - Teaser Logo / Fun Voice Over Short / FX Team set for 'SILENT HILL' MOVIE / Updates

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Silent Hill - The Movie to be Filmed in the Next Year - Information:

"2004/11/3 in Los Angels: SH movie was announced at American Film Market. Focus Features Corp. introduced SH movie to the movie buyers came from many countries. Recently, Japanese horror movies are fascinating movie buyers all over the world. So,SH movie catched a lot of attention, and Konami staffs had a lot of business talks with the buyers. Konami SH producer Akira Yamaoka had a lunch meeting with SH movie staffs such as director Christophe Gans and others. They discussed a lot about the movie. SH movie will be filmed next year."

There's a Japanese video clip showing scenes from Silent Hill 1 with voice overs supposedly from the movie, along with a teaser logo. Click here for the clip:

FX Team set for 'Silent Hill' Movie:

Makeup artist Paul Jones, currently nominated for a Saturn Award for his work on RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, just gave Fango the heads-up that he’s handling the grisly FX work on another feature based on a popular horror video game: Christopher (BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) Gans’ soon-to-roll SILENT HILL. Patrick Tatopoulos, who’s been all over the place lately with work on THE CAVE, UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION and BACKWATER, is creating the film’s creatures, with Jones and his team handling the bodies and gore and likely handling on-set application for Tatopoulos. Scripted by Roger (PULP FICTION) Avary, SILENT HILL rolls in Toronto in April. —Michael Gingold

Silent Hill - The Movie to shoot on 'derelict' Colborne Street:

This is Awsome News for the Big Fans of Silent Hill & I Consider One of Them !! ;}

DooM³ XBox Version / DooM³ - Resurrection of Evil - Interviews

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DooM³ XBox Version Interview with Todd Hollenshead:;468;1;;/article.html

DooM³ - Resurrection of Evil Interview with Matt Hooper & Marty Stratton:

Nothing really New, for the Hardcore DooM Gamers, but a must-read for Newbs !!

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Unreal Engine 3 - Powered for 'Huxley' - MMOFPS

New U-Engine 3 MMOFPS Announced

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In January of this year, Webzen, Inc. announced its expansion into the U.S. market and the opening of a Los Angeles office. In addition to APB, Webzen, Inc. plans to bring multiple online game titles to the U.S. market. The titles include the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) SUN, releasing in the third quarter of 2005, & a massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS) called Huxley, that leverages the latest Unreal 3 game engine and is scheduled to release in 2006. Webzen, Inc. is also developing game properties for the next generation game consoles to enhance its appeal to the mainstream gaming audience. Webzen, Inc. has developed some of the world's top online game and client/server technologies. The company also prides itself in the creativity department, publishing some of the most highly acclaimed titles for the Asian market. For its tremendously successful 3D MMORPG title, MU, Webzen, Inc. has attracted over 56 million users and a half million concurrent users from the Asian market alone.

Source of the this New, here:

Huxley (MMOFPS) First/Initial Shots, using UE3:

More Unreal Engine 3 News in the Meantime...

DooM³ XBox Version / Other Subjects - Todd Hollenshead / Tim Willits GameSpot Interviews Videos

Todd Hollenshead / Tim Willits GameSpot Interviews Videos

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GameSpot has a streaming video interview up with Todd Hollenshead of id Software. During the video chat Todd primarily talks about the DOOM³ experience on the XBox, but also makes mention or future plans to try to narrow the launch window of PC to console games in future, such as with Quake 4. You can view the interview with Todd here:

GameSpot has a streaming video interview up with Tim Willits of id Software. During the video chat Tim primarily talks about the DOOM³ experience on the XBox, such as the PC counterpart, but also makes mention of some information relative of DooM-Movie.
You can view the interview with Tim here:

Thanks to Todd & Tim of Giving Us this bit of Information !!
Keep up the Excelent Work !!

DooM³ New Mod - 'HALLOWEEN 2020' - SP MOD

DooM³ - New Mod in Development - 'HALLOWEEN 2020' SP MOD

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Overview of the Storyline:
In 2005, Dr. Alex Stern, a brilliant scientist and pioneer in the field of human cloning, announced the world's first successful creation of life inside a laboratory. Religious and political leaders across the world were outraged, and the eminent Doctor was banned from conducting any further experiments in the west. Shunned by friends and colleagues, Dr. Stern took a job as administrator at a remote asylum near Chelyabinsk-70 in the Ural mountains. Nothing more was heard of the doctor, until 2020 (15 years later) when an explosion at the asylum calls for investigation. You are a maverick security guard, assigned to patrolling the frozen wilderness surrounding Chelyabinsk-70. While on routine patrol, you hear an explosion at the asylum. You're too far from your base to radio for assistance, so you decide to investigate alone...

DooM³ Mod - Halloween 2020 - Official Website:
Not Yet Available...

DooM³ Mod - Halloween 2020 - More Shots here:

This New DooM³ Mod is Looking Awsome, Another One to Search for in the Future...More on this Later !

Half-Life² - Garry's Mod - New Release Version ( v.7a )

Half-Life² - Garry's Mod - New Release Version ( v.7a )

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This is a new version of Garry's Mod that allows you to use content from Counter-Strike:Source. The download is around the same size as the Half-Life² version of Garry's Mod. The only difference is that you won't be able to play Half-Life² single player maps in the CS:S version.

But don't worry - both can co-exist on your system quite happily! So seriously - don't worry !


Grab the New Version for Both HL² & CS:S in Garry's Official Website:

More News about Garry's Mod Releases, Later...

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House of Wax - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

House of Wax - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

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The Story:
House of Wax tells the story of a group of friends who fall prey to a sinister plot while passing through a small town on their way to a college football game.

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Genre: Horror
Rating: R (for horror violence, some sexual content and language)

House of Wax Movie - Official Website:

House of Wax Movie - Movie Trailer:

House of Wax Movie - Release Date:
6th, May 2005

This is an Excelent Horror Movie, as I understand by the Trailer, this is One for Sure to Look After in the Future...Don't Forget !

In a Town not Listed on Any Map,
There is a Place, Time has Passed By,
The Figures are Molded with Care,
Sculpted with Precision,
But there's a Reason they Look so Real...

Prey, Slay, Display

The Cave - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

The Cave - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

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The Story:
Deep in the Romanian forest, a team of scientists stumbles upon the ruins of a 13th century Abbey. On further inspection, they make a startling discovery - the Abbey is built over the entrance to a giant underground cave system. Local biologists belive the cave could be home to an undiscovered eco-system, so they hire a group of American cave-explorers to help them investigate its depths.

Jack (Cole Hauser) and his brother Tyler (Eddie Cibrian) are thrill-seeking professional cave explorers who run a team of the top divers in the world. They arrive in Romania with all the latest equipment, including a new type of scuba tank allowing a diver to remain submerged for up to 24 hours. The crack unit, which also includes Charlie (Piper Perabo) and Buchanan (Morris Chestnut), immediately begin their exploration. But what they find deep inside the caves is not just a new eco-system, but an entirely new species altogether...

Director: Bruce Hunt
Genre: Action/Horror
Rating: PG-13 (for intense creature violence)

The Cave Movie - Official Website:

The Cave Movie - Movie Trailer:

The Cave Movie - Release Date:
19th, August 2005

There are Places Man, was Never Meant to Go...
Beneath Heaven Lies Hell, Beneath Hell Lies "The Cave"

DooM³ MAC Video Released / DooM³ XBox New Video

DooM³ PC / XBox Videos
Note: DooM³ MAC Video / DooM³ XBox Video ( NEW )

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DooM³ MAC 1st Video Released:
( Low Quality Video )

DooM³ XBox NEW VIDEO, here:
( Shows a bit of the D3 Co-op Gameplay that is Exclusive for the XBox Owners )

The New DooM³ MAC Video Released is the same of the Last DooM³ PC Video Released...
The New DooM³ XBox Video, is Pretty Cool, don't Wait, go See it...

Note: The D3 XBox Version has a bit Lower Quality than is PC counterpart, what is pretty normal to that to be true, but in the motion of the Game, nothing really is so noticable of that bit Low Quality of the Game compared to the PC Version, Vicarious Visions/id Software, made a Very Good Port of the Game, Congratulations !!

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Hostage - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

Hostage - Movie Trailer ( 2005 )

Posted by Hello Hostage - with Bruce Willis

The Story:

Devastated by a hostage situation which resulted in the deaths of a young mother and her child, LAPD negotiator Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) exits Los Angeles for a low-profile job as chief of police in the low-crime town of Bristo Camino in Ventura County.When three delinquent teenagers follow a family home intending to steal their car, they inadvertently pick the wrong house on the wrong day. The trio find themselves trapped in a multi-million dollar compound on the outskirts of town owned by an accountant. Panicked, the teenagers take the family hostage, placing Talley in exactly the kind of situation he never wanted to face again. Soon after, Talley readily hands authority of the hostage situation over to the Ventura County Sheriffs Department and leaves the scene. After it becomes clear that the Sheriff Department cannot handle the crisis, Talley is forced to resume the command he had abandoned where the stakes quickly evolve into a hostage situation far more volatile and terrifying than anything he could ever imagined. Based on the novel by Robert Crais.

Director: Florent Siri
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Rating: R (for strong graphic violence, language and some drug use)

Hostage Movie - Official Website:

Hostage - Movie Trailer:

Hostage Movie - Release Date:
11th, March 2005

Would you sacrifice another family to save your own?